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SDK Manual

This manual covers the basic introduction of setting up 3d viewers, configurators, and online experiences using the webgi engine. It explains basic concepts and covers many common use-cases and examples.

Beginner Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

The SDK code is available at the below links. Since the library is in constant development, the version is updated frequently, make sure to update to the latest from time to time.
The scripts and assets are hosted on Google cloud with Cloudflare CDN to give fast import directly on the websites.

Direct JS import

For use in HTML/JS files. (all webgi exports are added to window)

  • Viewer:
  • Module Bundle:

NPM modules

To add in package.json

  • JS Bundle:
    "webgi": ""
  • Type Declarations:
    "@types/webgi": ""

See Installation page for more details


The latest version of the SDK is available can be found in the top right corner of this documentation website.

There are some Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rules set to prevent abuse with assets.
When working locally, use port 8080 for http://localhost or 8062 for https://localhost. For online development, CodePen and CodeSandbox are allowed. If you are facing a CORS issue on production, contact us.


The SDK and pre-built files can be accessed from the above links.
Contact us for source code access and developer support.
To use the viewer in a production environment, contact us for a license.

The Viewer SDK is closed-source at the moment, we may choose to make it open at a later date. Some parts of the viewer are open-source and can be found on Github.

Contact and support


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Contact details for high priority developer support, partnerships, licensing questions or business queries.