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Features and Plugins

WebGi comes packed with a rendering pipeline and bundles many plugins, that can be added with a single line of code to provide a variety of features listed below. In a custom application it’s possible to tree-shake the bundle by picking the plugins that are required.

Have a look at the SDK Manual for guide on how to use the plugins.

3D Viewer Core

  • Built on three.js (a slightly modified version)
  • Optimised - for mobiles/tablets and old devices
  • Adaptive Quality control - Quality and setting presets for different devices
  • Progressive rendering pipeline
  • HDR RGBM pipeline
  • HDR Half-Float/Float + sRGB pipeline
  • Simple API with Single Entry point
  • Jittered Shadow Mapping - High quality shadow maps for direction, and spot lights.

Materials / Extensions / Shaders

  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) workflow - three.js Physical material optimised for product renderings and showcase
  • Diamond Plugin - Render high quality diamonds and refractive/glass objects in realtime
  • Refraction - High Performance Screen space Refraction
  • Anisotropy Plugin - Adds metal Anisotropy to PBR Material
  • Clearcoat Tint Plugin - Adds Tint, Thickness and IoR to PBR Material
  • Noise Bump Material Plugin - Adds procedural voronoi bump and sparkle/flakes to PBR Material
  • Parallax Bump Mapping Plugin - Replaces the default bump mapping with parallax mapping in PBR Materials
  • Thin Film Layer Plugin - Adds very fast and non-physical thin iridescence film layer over PBR Material

Screen Space Post Processing

  • Progressive Plugin - Implements the Progressive Rendering Pipeline and adds SSAA to the scene.
  • Tonemap Plugin - Tonemaps the result before rendering to the screen
  • HDR Bloom Plugin - Adds post Bloom effect in HDR space
  • Depth of Field Plugin - Adds depth of field effect around a custom focal point.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) - Realtime approximation of Ambient Occlusion in the scene
  • Screen Space Reflections (SSR) - Realtime approximation of reflections in the scene
  • Screen Space Contact Shadows (SSCS) - Adds shadows to small areas and sections where traditional shadow mapping doesn't work.
  • Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) - dev - Approximates indirect bounces from each fragment in the scene to get better diffuse lighting
  • Screen Space Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion (SSRTAO) - dev - Better Approximation of Ambient Occlusion by tracing rays in the depth buffer
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing Plugin - Enable TAA when the camera is moving for better antialiasing.
  • Velocity Buffer Plugin - dev - Addition to TAA, to be used when objects are moving along with the camera.

Lighting / Scene Setup

  • Ground Plugin - Add ground to the scene with optional baked planar shadows, optional planar/screen-space reflections, background blending and more options
  • Contact Shadow Ground Plugin - Simple transparent ground with contact shadows. Cannot be used with Ground Plugin
  • HDRi Ground Plugin - Projects the HDR environment map into a hemisphere to get flat ground projection.
  • Path Tracing Plugin - dev - Simulates ray tracing in shader using a BVH tree. Uses three-gpu-pathtracer
  • Randomized Directional Light Plugin - Progressively jitter directional light to get soft shadows.

User interactions/Experience

  • Dropzone Plugin - Enables drag and drop for files and assets and links with the viewer.
  • Full Screen Plugin - Adds support for entering/exiting the full screen mode in browser
  • Frame Fade Plugin - Cross Fades frames when anything in changes.
  • Picking Plugin - Enables interactions and Ui for selecting/picking an object to edit properties.


  • GLTF Animation Plugin - Loads and process animations in GLTF along with Camera Markers.
  • Camera View Plugin - Set and interpolate between multiple camera states/views.
  • Popmotion Plugin - Tweening and animation using popmotion.

Asset Management, Import

  • Asset Manager Plugin
    • Obj + Mtl Load Plugin
    • FBX Load Plugin
    • Rhino 3DM Load Plugin
    • EXR Load Plugin
    • STL Load Plugin
    • KTX Load Plugin
    • KTX2 Load Plugin


  • Asset Exporter Plugin - Allows to export a GLB or scene presets
  • GLTF Draco Export Plugin - Adds support for draco compression after GLB export
  • Canvas Recorder Plugin - Render a .webm video or image sequence from an animation or live interactions with different options
  • Canvas Snipper Plugin - Helpers to snap and download an image of the canvas frame.

User interface

  • Tweakpane Ui Plugin - Implements all Plugin UIs using tweakpane
    • Background / Environment Ui Plugin - Shows UI for changing viewer background and environment maps.
    • Hierarchy Ui Plugin - Shows the complete hierarchy of objects in the scene.
    • Lights Ui Plugin - Parses lights in the scene and show in the UI, along with Add Light option.
    • Simple Viewer Ui - Shows the properties for the root imported objects in the scene
    • ExtrasUi Plugin - only for sandbox editor

Configurators/Apps Helpers

  • Material Configurator Plugin - Handles management, serialisation, snapshots etc while making material configurators.
  • Switch Node Plugin - dev - Handles management, serialisation, snapshots etc while making product configurators
  • Material Library Plugin - dev - Management of material libraries

Object/Geometry Modifiers

  • Object Rotation Plugin - Replicate objects in a circle around an axis.
  • Shape Tube Extrude Plugin - Generate geometries by extruding a 2D shape along a 3d tube path.


  • GBuffer Plugin - Renders the G-buffer before every frame
  • Debug Plugin - For debug counters, and debugging textures/render targets on the screen.
  • Generic Filter Plugin - For creating plugins with a single post/preprocessing pass
  • MultiFilter Plugin - For creating plugins with multiple post/preprocessing passes.
  • AViewerPlugin - Abstract class to create webgi viewer plugins

Augmented Reality

  • AR Plugin ( WebXR ) - dev


  • Cannon.js Physics Plugin - dev
  • Ammo.js Physics Plugin - dev


  • EnvMapTool Plugin
  • Interaction Plugin
  • PMREMGenerator Plugin

Features/Plugins marked with dev are not ready for public use yet, but you can track the progress here.