We love pushing boundaries of details in 3d experiences on the web.

At Pixotronics, we help brands showcase + sell products with exceptional details online.

Pixotronics is entering its 3rd year, growing 250% YoY. Having served 40 clients since its inception in September 2018, we are expanding! Check out open positions at the bottom of this page.

The People at Pixotronics

Today, in helping high quality brands sell products with world-class artisanship online with our exceptional 3d solutions, we’ve found the corner of this world that we’ve dedicated ourselves to and can continue our craft with passion everyday.


“Hey, I’m Prashant Sharma, Co-Founder of Pixotronics.

Want to chat? Ping me on LinkedIn or Discord


“Hey, I’m Palash Bansal, Co-Founder of Pixotronics.

What to chat? Ping me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Discord.

Core Values

What drives everything we do at Pixotronics

When we create something, the our goal is to craft something so good, that the person on the other end goes ‘wow’.

Happiness, Joy & Balance

We believe in working around happy & joyful people. We work with such people to craft these beautiful creations that bring joy to others.

We don’t believe in drowning yourself at work. We believe in living a complete life with rich, varied experiences.

We believe in balance.

A balance between everything we love in our life (which includes the work we do)

Relentless pursuit of freedom of creative expression

We love to have people in our team who love to continuously improve themselves.

Pixotronics was born out of frustration where business needs, which are often short-term focused got in the way of creating truly world-class products.

If you’re someone who loves learning, pursuing your interests and being the best at it, we want to hear from you.

We hate being forced to work

We do not have hierarchies of authority. It doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is what you have to say & what you create.

Like minded people, close relationships.

Perhaps it works for Netflix, but we don’t treat our team like a sports team.

For us, a great team is made of like-minded people coming together to produce something that’s valuable where the sum is greater than the parts.

We believe in co-creation, motivating and inspiring each other by doing the best work.