Much like fancy showrooms, your Accessories deserve a luxurious online platform

Street-shopping, but online! Your website can now be as indulgent as Beverly Hills. They'll keep coming back for more!

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Bridge the gap between in-store and on-line

We help brands revolutionise the way they sell online, while simultaneously reducing cost of image production and maximising profits.


Boost in on-site conversions


Increase in average order value

Photorealistic renderings

Reduced Costs On Your Annual Budget

Cut your annual image production costs by half. For high volume of image production we dramatically reduce your yearly cost (along with the headaches & risks involved in the process)

Photorealistic renderings

Products On Your Website , Like Never Before

See your customers struck with awe and wonder with our magnificent diamond renderer on your website.

Make them swoon just like when they see a real diamond with exquisite details. Curious?

Photorealistic renderings

Online sales as good as offline sales? Not just a dream.

We know how important it is for your customers to touch & feel your products before buying.

A digital alternative to help your customers develop attachment similar to touching & feeling your tastefully crafted products


“ The quality of work, communication and attention to detail provided to our company by the team at PIXOTRONICS was priceless.”

Andrii Tsok


“ Working with Pixotronics was the right move for our project. Finding Companies with a deep understanding of Real-time 3D is NOT an easy task!!”

George Kazakos

CEO, Eberus

“ We work with PIXOTRONICS to use its unique diamond rendering algorithm. Applied in the jewelry industry, the final result of the diamond effect is fantastic!”


CEO, Gemtec Ltd

“ BAVLO is using products of Pixotronics to its own and its customers' e-commerce sites. Thanks to the efforts of Pixotronics team, more jewellers will be able to display 3D jewellery on their sites.”

David Lee

Partner, BAVLO

Online experiences that match your exquisitely crafted Products

We hated seeing how clunky experiences ruin the online sales of brands with great artisanship.

Every bit of your brand’s customer experience, products & service is crafted with detail and perfection. Why can’t your customers’ online experiences be on par?

Finally, they can.

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With our state-of- the art technology, give your customers a memorable online shopping experience.

Experience top of the funnel engagement unlike any other media (images, videos or low-quality 3d viewers).

Watch them experience every bit of detail, personalize it with love, and build their own variants.

You’ll find your customers swooning at the details, their own creations and yearning to click the ‘order’ button.

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Unmatched Quality and Performance

We’ll just let our demos do the talking.


Custom demo for your company before you buy

Will this work for your company products? Find out at zero cost.


No App Downloads, No Waiting

Directly on your website in desktops, tablets, mobiles.


Beautiful Personalisation Options

Let your customers engrave, mix and match online.


Support By Your Side Always

Frequent interactions with your tech team.


Realistic Experience, Along With Imperfections

We deliver a life-like experience by adding realistic imperfections.

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Our team works across your company to make it easier between different stakeholders and teams on your side and have a hassle-free integration experience..

How do we work?

Find out how our solutions boost engagement towards higher sales

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You schedule your first demo / initial discovery call. We get to know each other, discuss your requirements.

To showcase your company products we build a custom demo tailored for your needs.

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Your customers are awestruck. Watch your sales soar with high engagement!

We support you with regular feature updates, maintenance and upgrades.